Monday 17th June 2013 – Got to try out my new toys.

Only I would get excited about new gardening toys. Little things get me all excited inside. Anyway this mornig I got to try out my “Double Hoe” and my “Soil Miller”, and all I can say is OMG they’re brilliant!! I’d like to apologise now for using the phrase OMG, but nothing else will suffice. The hoe made light work of the old strawberry bed, and then when I’d finished I went over it with the miller. It now looks ready to plant in, which I’ll do tomorrow. I spent 3 hours on my plot this morning, and was very hungry when I got home for lunch. Tomorrow I’ll be able to spend longer playing, so will take sandwiches with me. A variety of brassicas are in the the car, waiting to be planted out in my newly sorted bed. Tomorrow they have threatened thunder storms, but they’re few and far between. How ever much we need the rain, it’s not the place I like to be when storm clouds start to gather.  Hopefully I’ll get done as much as I want to before anything happens. I don’t mind a good storm, but not when I’m exposed on the allotment (oh matron) !

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4 Responses to Monday 17th June 2013 – Got to try out my new toys.

  1. Have to try the miller, looks useful although I’m determined to finally get a Rotavator in the next few weeks! I know what you mean about thunderstorms though. We were out planting our spuds last year in the middle of a very open plot with thunder breaking all around us. Had to keep quickly digging a trench then retreating to the car to wait for the worst to pass, only to have it all kick off again as soon as we go stuck in. Not a good place to be waving long metal handled implements about. The spuds grew very well though.

    • It looks like the storms will come during the night, but I was up at 6am this morning!! As I had to leave the house at 7am. I’m usually getting up at 7am, and was working with kids this morning, which is great fun, but exhausting, especially when they’re 4 and 5 year olds. I’m out this evening, so a good nights sleep might not happen. Hopefully I’ll be able to get up the allotment tomorrow morning, but will keep the car close, just incase I have to make a mad dash for it.

  2. DavidF says:

    Would you use different feeds Claire… Am using different feed for raspberry and blueberries … Don’t really want to get absorbed in all the different types and brands . Going to use Miracle Gro for everything … Is there anything else you would recommend please.



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