Thursday 20th June 2013 – Women don’t sweat, they perspire?

Well if that’s the case I’m not a women, as I definitely wasn’t perspiring this morning. It was another humid day, and we had NO rain last night, and NO thunder to clear the air. The grass is starting to go brown, because we’ve not had rain for quite a while. Still, I’m sure it’ll arrive and then it won’t stop. Anyway this morning was very productive, I’ve started to clear another of the old strawberry beds, so that I can fill with some dwarf french beans. The soil underneath the grass is very dry, so relatively easy to remove all the roots from the couch grass. I think I made 3 trips to our Green waste area, so that was good. I’ve finally got in my Runner Beans “Wisley Magic”. They’re just about the right size, and I planted 2 plants to each stick. I’ve tied them in with a twisty, so they don’t make out with something they’re not supposed to. More weeding was needed, and the onion bed is nearly free of weeds. Just as I got in the car there were a few spit spots of rain, but nothing to write home about, then it was home for lunch, and now to mow the grass.

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7 Responses to Thursday 20th June 2013 – Women don’t sweat, they perspire?

  1. paul says:

    I too planted out white lady runners although only 50 % germinated ,the french climbing are ok cobra, also purple queen dwarfs are ok had some nice paris market carrots too
    Any idea why my swiss chard has bolted ?

    • I’ve grown White Lady before, and they did really well. Cobra are great too. My Chard has bolted also. I think it’s most probable the humidity. Just cut the bits that have bolted back to ground level, and use what you can, and disgard the rest. It’ll grow back in no time. I always hack mine back at the end of the season, and it comes back the following spring.

  2. No, no. Horses sweat; men perspire; ladies glow! Or at least, that’s what we’re supposed to do…

  3. DavidF says:

    Hello Claire

    An unrelated question , wondered of you can help please . I use a lot of bought compost as my veg is infested with wild garlic, so everything goes in tubs or containers – which is a pain . Once I have harvested veg , don’t want to through old compost away – any suggestions on how this can be used please ?

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