Happy News, all seems well in the nesting box.

Well, after the sweary Mary I was in the last blog, I’ll be a little more lady like in this one. I’ve just popped down stairs and could hear the babies calling and one parent in the nest feeding them. She was having a bit of a tidy as well. I could see 6 chicks as there was before. Hopefully they’ve recovered from their ordeal and all will be well. I’ll have to think of something to put on top of the shed to prevent the cat from sitting on top…gripper rods come to mind!

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4 Responses to Happy News, all seems well in the nesting box.

  1. That’s fantastic news!

    We too have trouble with next doors black cat always coming in our garden. Little b**tard took a bird from the feeding table the other day but fortunately the children didn’t see it, only the aftermath of feathers everywhere.

    If it was a bird of prey I wouldn’t haven’t minded, but this is a huge fat overfed collar wearing domestic cat… and if it defecates in my garden one more time I will start putting humane traps in my damn garden and get the RSPCA to come and get it so she has to pay to get it back.

    Never understood why people have cats and then never see them because they are out using peoples gardens as litter trays and eating out… pointless.

    • They seem to have recovered from their ordeal, but I’m still on the look out for that cat. It tried again yesterday, but I soon scared it away.
      Taking a bird from the feeding table is just awful, I’m so glad your kids didn’t see it. I hate what they leave behind. When we first moved in to our house all the cats in the local area used our garden at the local toilet because the guy before did nothing in the garden. I had to go out every morning and clear away anything before I let Emily out in the garden. I then got hold of some Scardy Cat plants http://www.bloomingdirect.com/coleus-canina-scaredy-cat-x-5-plants, and they seem to work very well. They’re just attracted by the birds now, but at least they don’t poo in my garden anymore. I’m going to try Prikka strip and see how that works. The reviews seem to say it works.
      We’ve had out moan about cats and put the world to rights, I feel better now.

  2. Keith Silva says:

    You’ll need to do something to keep the cat away when the little ones begin to leave the nest. Their first efforts at flying will likely have them on the ground. Maybe a dog in the yard. Good luck.

    • A dog is not an option I’m afraid as both my husband and son are allergic to them. Also I don’t like the mess that you have to clear away. Last year they fledged at first light, so I’m hoping they’ll do the same this year. I’ve not seem the cat today, maybe it knows I’m onto it.

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