Bank Holiday Monday Trip out.

Well it’s just the 2 of us at home for a few days. George is at Scout Camp til Wednesday mid afternoon, Mark is in Belfast til late Friday evening, so it just me and Emily at home. It’s very quiet, a little unnervingly so. With such a wonderful day we decided to go to Ham House and Garden today. What a lovely place to walk around and dream that you lived in such a gorgeous house. We went into one room full of paintings of ladies wearing beautiful dresses, and we played the game “What dress would we like to wear”. We decided on 2, the other just looked too puffy and OTT. You have to play a similar game when you go into an art gallery, but this time it’s called “What painting would go well in our living room”. There were also loads of paintings of men in their finery, and we looked to see who we fancied, but to be honest, they all looked like wimps, and more interested in their looks. We took lunch with us, and sat down on a bench and watched the world go buy, we them looked round the gardens and then had an ice cream and came home. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, so we’re going to do baking. Emily’s been choosing breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we’ve been sitting in front of the TV eating dinner and watching a film. Last night it was “Kick Ass” and tonight, we’re not sure.

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5 Responses to Bank Holiday Monday Trip out.

  1. Francesca Horton says:

    That sounds like a brilliant day!

  2. What a lovely thing to do, baking on a rainy day…nothing could be nicer if it’s too wet to get on the plot.

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