Tuesday 28th May 2013 – Lots of baking and potting up.

As promised for Emily a day of baking. So we started with Chocolate Chip Ice cream (in an ice cream maker), then as we only used the egg yolks for that we had egg whites left, so  the only thing to make is meringues. I taught Emily how to pipe properly by using a pastry bag. She’s getting the hang of it, but it’s something quite difficult to master. I used to work in a bakery, so was piping much of the time. It took me a while to master it, but once you’ve got it there’s no looking back. Then after lunch we made some chocolate chip muffins, and when they’re cool, I’ll get her to ice them again using the piping bag. She was going through my utensils draw, and asked what various things were. I do like my gadgets when I’m cooking, anyting to make it more fun. I then popped in the greenhouse and potted up my Sweet Pepper’s “Rainbow Blend”, my “Pilgrim” Butternut Squash, my “Giant and Green” Kohl Rabi, and some “LadyBird Poppies” for my sister in laws garden. Mark sent me a text when I was in the greenhouse, and the beeping my phone made set off my tits chirping. I sent a reply to Mark, and his comment was…”That’s a neat trick if you can pull it off!”. I’ll keep practicing that, and maybe I can show it off at next years Britain’s Got Talent. I bet no one has ever done that before.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 28th May 2013 – Lots of baking and potting up.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    Awesome glad the two of you had a nice time baking and you popping into the greenhouse to pop up all your goodies I got itchy feet just want the other bits of glass in my greenhouse done

    • It’s frustrating when the greenhouse isn’t quite finished. When mine arrived there were 6 broken panes of glass, and so I had to go and get replacements. They reimbursed us for them, but it was the waiting that was annoying. I get itchy feet at the beginning of the season when it’s still too cold to do anything, but I feel I should be outside. Hope it gets sorted soon.

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