Wednesday 22nd May 2013 – Picked a load of rhubarb, and tidied a load more.

When I was watering the garden first thing this morning the weather was a little unhappy. It started to drizzle and I was wondering whether I’d get wet on the allotment. But to my surprise it stopped and the morning was cloudy but dry. I’m still working my way through each bed, and am half way up the second side of one of my plots, so I’m making steady progress. I got the strimmer going again, so more grass was obliterated. As I’m weeding the beds, I’m watering them to help the little seedlings along. They’re slow but coming up. My rhubarb is enjoying the weather, and I picked quite a substancial amount this morning. I don’t need it, but I know a man who does, so I’ll pass it onto him later. Had a very interesting chat with a fellow plot holder about growing marijuana. Not something I’ll be trying, just incase you’re wondering, especially as we’ve got an allotment holder who is a police man. I’m not that silly.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 22nd May 2013 – Picked a load of rhubarb, and tidied a load more.

  1. paul says:

    I too picked some rhubarb seems unaffected by the weather, i been planting up chillis i new type for me vampire its good to look at too dark leaves with light green flicks, , toms looking good shirley doing well i like this tom , Good posts claire.

    • Rhubarb isn’t fussy about the weather, not like me. As long as it gets enough water it’s fine whatever happens. Those vampire chillies sound vicious, good luck with them.

  2. I do hope you had your clothes on this time Ha! Ha!

    I am most humble detective, Your meek servant, Charlie Chan Ways are slow, thoughts defective Somehow stumbling on man If you need poor help Am most honored do what can

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