Birds do the strangest things.

I’ve not watched my little birdies for a couple of days, but today I plugged them in and firstly made a little video on how they’ve grown. They’re now 7 or 8 days old, and they’ve changed a huge amount since they hatched. They now look like they’ve got fluff all over them, and feathers starting on their wings. I don’t think their eyes are open yet, and I can only see 6, so maybe 2 didn’t make it. They all vary in size and the largest one is the greediest. This morning one of the parents came in to feed them, and then 1 baby turned round, did a poo, the parent took it in their beak and fly away with it. Sound revolting, but I suppose that’s the way they do that sort of thing. Then later, one of the parents flew in with a worm, and passed it to the babies. One baby got hold of one end and another baby got hold of the other and they had a tug of war over this poor worm. The baby that finally won gobbled it down with a bit of difficulty, I don’t know what the other baby thought had happened.

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