Vegetable error on 30 Rock.

Only I would notice that I suppose, but last night Mark and I were watching an episode of 30 Rock, “Leap Day”. Jack Donaghy (Baldwin) can be seen sitting on a chair eating a leaf. Kenneth Parcell (McBrayer) comes in and says “Oh Sir don’t each those rhubarb leaves they’re poisonous” or words to that effect. I said to Mark, “They’re not rhubarb leaves that’s chard”. If you get a chance to see that episode have a look. I guess it’s only something I’d notice.

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2 Responses to Vegetable error on 30 Rock.

  1. Andreae says:

    That’s so funny! There’s an episode of Bob the Builder (the US version) where Spud the scarecrow loses his nose, and the punchline is, “Does anybody have a spare turnip?” My sons both say, now, “That’s not a turnip, that’s a parsnip!”

    • How fabulous!! There’s an episode of Friends when Ross is talking about a Giganotosaurus (big version of a T-Rex) and says it’s a herbivore, it’s not, it’s a carnivore!! Wish they’d get their facts right.

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