Wednesday 3rd April 2013 – Cold and windy!

Well that sun didn’t last long, back to the cold, windy and overcast for us. I’ve just got back from hiding in the greenhouse sowing Shallot “Prisma” seeds and MicroGreens Herbs. As they’re new things I made a couple of films, but the shallot packet blew over and I lost a load on the floor. I think I uttered the word “Bugger” on film. Hope your not offended.

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5 Responses to Wednesday 3rd April 2013 – Cold and windy!

  1. david gray says:

    sunny here in south lincs. i’ve just finished sowing some black cherry tomatoes and apple cucumbers. my potting compost this year seems to be getting awfully dry once potted. it just crumbles yet i am worried about over watering too. oh the joys of growing your own, ha. shall look forward to your uncensored clip 😉

    • Send some sum my way please. Sounds like you’ve been having fun sowing, as for the watering, little and often is the best, especially when they’re getting established. I hope Mark doesn’t cut it out, don’t think he will. The gust suddenly came in and took over. I was very cross and could have said worse, but was a good girl.

  2. lindasgarden says:

    lovely post Claire looking forward to the video when uploaded

  3. Jacky Mortimer says:

    Dear Claire, could not possibly be offended – esp since you did not even squash the molluscs hiding in the greenhouse as I would- I’m sure the better weather will be cheering you up by now, (10th- sun and double figs temp wise!!)

    • Snails didn’t know they could fly, until they came across me. I’m not usually that kind to them. Yes I’m feeling much better not the weather is warming up. Apparently this weekend it could reach 17? But I’ll not count my chickens before they hatch. However, I’ve got some charcoal just incase….

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