Tuesday 2rd April 2013 – What a lovely day!

Sorry if it’s been overcast where you live, but today in the SE of England it was glorious! It got to the dizzy heights of about 7 or 8 degrees, and I didn’t need to wear my body warmer in the garden this afternoon. I had a packed day, starting off with the first mow of the lawn which is wonderful, then I made doughnuts from that wonderful book again and triple chocolate cookies which is my very own recipe. Then in the garden this afternoon to sow the rest of the March seeds. I know it’s April, but never mind. The garden is starting to look more cheerful, and the greenhouse is getting full now. I need to get the onions and garlic in the ground, hopefully the soil would have warmed up enough for the onions to go in mid April. Not wanting to be halted by the cold weather I ploughed on, so this afternoon I sowed the following: Onions from seed “Bedfordshire Champion“, Leek “Below Zero“, Celery “Sigfrido“, Sweetcorn “Britpop popcorn“, Sweet peppers “Rainbow Blend“, Kohl Rabi “Green and Giant“, Melon “Ogen” and some from Daniel and Chuck Fenster in the States “Ambrosia Cantaloupe”, Chick peas (from Spain, but I’m sure you can find some where you are) and finally Electric Daisies. That’s all for today folks! Meat loaf is in the oven, and a glass of wine is calling my name.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 2rd April 2013 – What a lovely day!

  1. lindasgarden says:

    awesome post Claire

  2. lindasgarden says:

    Reblogged this on Linda's New Garden & Wildlife Journey and commented:
    such a lovely Lady

  3. We had 8 degrees as well 😀 but I still haven’t been brave enough to do any planting in the greenhouse. Everything is in the house bar the Leeks, sweet peas and some other flower seeds.

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