Thursday 4th April 2013 – What is going on?

Could someone please explain to me what on earth is going on with the weather? Since lunchtime it’s done nothing but snow. I’m not talking about a small flurry that lasts 2 minutes, I’m talking about large fat flakes and near blizzard conditions. We are in April, or has it gone back to February? The only good thing is that it’s not settling and the kids and I have been playing on Wii Fitness. I’ve got the fitness of a 26 year old…So I’m rather chuffed.

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14 Responses to Thursday 4th April 2013 – What is going on?

  1. zoe says:

    I know Claire, its bizarre, I’ve held off with spuds and onions planting as up here we had loads of rain (waterlogged plots) then freezing temps, snow but it didn’t stick and now its kind of like a normal early March temp wise, am all over the show with it!

  2. Steve Robbins says:

    I always plant my spuds on Easter weekend but this year they are still chitting.

    • Everything is so far behind, I used to plant mine on Good Friday, but now it’s from mid March until they’re all in. But I do plan to have then all in my mid April at the latest. If it’s too cold like this year was then they wait until it’s warmer.

  3. paul says:

    I Know what you mean its 1c here in southern England with snow flurries, i put some cucumbers that i had indoors twenty 21 into greenhouse to harden off , bad idea within a hour they had gone floppy so rescued them back into dining room with all others toms chillis geraniums basil only thing that is ok is the broad beans Witkiem 95 % germination and kelvedon wonder are ok beit under cover.

  4. Darren T says:

    Apparently the gulf/jet stream has shifted South, so we’re not getting the volumes of American hot air that we’re used to. I remember someone warning direly a few years ago that a permanently-shifted gulf/jet stream might be a consequence of climate change. I do hope that isn’t what’s happened.

  5. Irene E. says:

    Hi Claire. I am asking the same question! Here in Piraeus, Greece, all winter was like the first days of March!!! Really unusual! In addition, we had a lot of rain, this winter! But I am afraid this summer will be hot, as they say! I hope not!
    Good afternoon.

  6. Mark says:

    Its strange we had it a week or so ago now were glorious Sunshine and super highs of 9 Degrees its like summer or at least after what we experienced last week it certainly feels like it.

  7. prairiepixie says:

    I live in the Northern United States and Spring is similarly slow to arrive here this year. Our ground is still semi-frozen and all snow has only melted in the last few days. It’s been cold. We find the weather to be increasingly un-predictable. Last summer we had severe drought blanket the Northern U.S. So, we are hoping for a very wet spring to restore the soil. They say that this unpredictability with weather — not just warming — is a sign of climate change.

    • The climate is always changing. Not being a scientist I can’t say if fumes that we produce have much to do with it. However, many years ago (hundreds) the same thing happened, and they had no cars then. Some get floods, whilst others have drought. We had a hosepipe ban last spring, but then we had so much rain it was lifted. Winter just gone we had lots of rain, so hopefully we won’t have one this year. The summer of 1976 (I was 2 years old, so don’t remember it) people had to use stand pipes in the street. I think it’s the general way if the climate to change slightly. I’m sure many others would view it differently, but we’re all different. Hope it warms up for you soon.

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