Sunday 29th July 2012 – Got rained on again, it was not very funny.

Popped up again today, and the first hour and a half was great. I was however watching a huge black cloud drift across the sky. Hoping that it would bypass us, I went to the far corner of the site to collect a wheel barrow full of wood chips, but then it started to rain. Oh and did it rain. I had to run back to my plot pushing a wheel barrow, then find the car keys as I’d lift the windows ajar, and then run to the car for shelter and close the window. Electric window are great, but not in an emergency, you have to turn the engine half on to get them to work. The drivers seat was half wet, I was soaked, and all my equipment was being rained on. When the rain stopped those of us who had taken shelter in our cars returned again to see what devastation had been caused. I finished what I was doing, then packed away and went to do some shopping. As I got to the supermarket, thunder, lightening and hail started, so again I had to sit in the car until that had past. I got home eventually, then went to ring the bells again for the ladies race. Phew!

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2 Responses to Sunday 29th July 2012 – Got rained on again, it was not very funny.

  1. Mark Hodgson says:

    At least you remembered your cars windows were open when the deluge hit. Pond on my passenger seat!

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