Wednesday 1st August 2012 – We’re going to the the sun for 2 whole weeks.

Off for 2 whole weeks in the sun. Oh my, we need a holiday so much. My wonderful sister is looking after my garden and allotment while I’m away. What a star she is. I’m sure they’ll be some filming that we need to do, but until we get out there I don’t know what it’ll be. Hopefully I’ll come back with a lovely tan, and a big smile on my face and if it gets too hot I’ll just have to get in the pool for a swim. Holidays are hard aren’t they?

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8 Responses to Wednesday 1st August 2012 – We’re going to the the sun for 2 whole weeks.

  1. david gray says:

    Have a good break Claire, will miss the updates mind. The joy of going away as a gardener is that if it is a week or even two, when you return you are more than likely to have a few plants several times bigger than when you went. And with some luck, some produce to harvest ! Well enjoy the sun, and have a cocktail for me, ha.

    • I had a cucumber when I got back which wasn’t there when I went. My tomatoes were turning, and the runner beans were doing fantastically. However, so were the weeds and the grass. Trying to catch up now, but the kids go back to school soon so I can have a good sort out then.

  2. David Hyams says:

    Have a good break. I presume that you aren’t coming up here to the Shetland Islands for your holiday !

  3. Irene from Piraeus Greece says:

    Hi Claire. Have a good break and a lovely tan, as you wish!!!! I am on holidays too, with my family, on a village of west Peloponnesos. To many fantastic sandy beaches are around here! My sister in low, is looking after my garden on my terrace. Unusual hot summer we have this year. Hard summer for my vegetables. Anyway, for now, looking the sea, it’s enough for me!!

    • I hope you had a great holiday, and your sister is feeling better. It was very hot in Spain this year, but most of southern Europe was the same. We had a great time, very relaxing and just perfect to recharge the batteries.

  4. vivi12blog says:

    Have a wonderful time!!

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