Saturday 28th July 2012 – Fantastic harvest.

Well, I hadn’t been to the allotment for 6 days, so there was a lot to pick. I went through each bed, and came home with some lovely runner beans, more asparagus peas (warning, don’t eat these raw, they taste horrible), more potatoes, some purple and green french beans, a bunch of radish, the last few mangetout, and a load of peas. After I’d done this I did more to the path and weeded a bit more. I then came home, had lunch and then went and rang at a church whilst the mens cyclists went past. Busy day.

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4 Responses to Saturday 28th July 2012 – Fantastic harvest.

  1. ClaireClaire says:

    You have done so well, we have had nothing yet, not a single thing.

    I have a close eye on my greenhouse toms’ as one of them is orange! It will be the first time i have eaten a home grown tomato so I am silly excited. Cukes are looking good and I finally have some baby chillis.

    • It’s all been very slow this year, and what has come up, has been a bit pathetic. I’m hoping for greater things later on in the summer. My tomatoes in the greenhouse are doing very well. I’ve got loads of green ones, but none are turning yet. Your orange one won’t be long. Let me know how it tastes. The cucumber plants are growing well, and I’ve got a few small cues, but they’re a bit reluctant to come out at the moment. Watch the baby chillies, as they’ll grown quite fast. Are they hot ones?

      • Claire says:

        Basket of Fire! No idea if that is hot or not as I don’t eat chillis or peppers, I need them for Chilli jam but the bell peppers are doing nothing.

        We tried half a cuke the other day but it wasn’t quite ready. I plan to take lots more photos when this rain passes and update my blog. 😀

  2. They’re not quite as hot as a scotch bonnet, but certainly pack a punch. Go careful on them. It’s a lovely chilli bush. Very colourful.

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