Friday 27th July 2012 – Chillies and French beans an unlikely combination.

Yes I know they’re an unlikely combination, but we didn’t eat them together. I’ve got a few french beans growing in the greenhouse and I went to pick a few about 1 hour ago. We then had them for dinner, and very nice they were too. You can’t get any fresher when you pick and then cook straight away. Also there are a few more purple chillies ready. They seem to be doing really well this year, even though the beginning of the summer was basically pants! They’ve now gone in the freezer with the rest, and I’ll take them out next time I need them. Hopefully going to the allotment tomorrow morning, and as we’re having a fry up for breakfast I’ll need to burn the calories off some how.

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7 Responses to Friday 27th July 2012 – Chillies and French beans an unlikely combination.

  1. Larry says:

    Another breakdown in the English/Americanese factor. Is a fry up something like a full English breakfast?

    • Etty says:

      yes Larry, a fry up is exactly a full english – sausage, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, bread, beans, and anything else you might fancy. yummy Sunday breakfast food.

      • Yes, a Fry Up is a full English breakfast. We don’t have them very often. In ours we had sausage bacon, fried bread, scrambled egg, baked beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. All washed down with some orange juice. Very nice it was too. If we do have one, it’s usually on a saturday as I have to go bell ringing on a sunday.

  2. Clare about 4 weeks I ask what was eating my chinese cabbage well i found out what it was airwick I do hope i’m spelling it right

    • I think you mean an “ear wig”. They are a little creepy crawly. I get them stuck in my washing line and have to be careful when I put it up. They won’t hurt you, but are just a bit freaky.

  3. Hi Claire,
    You sure are shy this year…no vid’s you”re leaving your fans wanting…
    Thanks for the tips on broad beans, I live in the pacific northwest, we have the same climate most of the time.

    • As the years go on there is less to film. If you have any requests please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Hopefully they’ll be something to film in Spain, but I’ve got to pot up some seedlings soon.

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