Sunday 22nd July 2012 – Sun tan lotion at the ready!

What a wonderful day it was today, we really are being spoilt. It was definite shorts and vest top weather today, I even put on sun tan lotion just incase. After ringing this morning I moseyed on down to the allotment and managed to get a lot done. I sorted out more of the path, harvested enough potatoes for the week, picked more peas, more asparagus peas and weeded more. Then I came home and we went to see “The Dark Knight Rises (awesome film) before we had a BBQ this evening. The perfect way to spend a Sunday.

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9 Responses to Sunday 22nd July 2012 – Sun tan lotion at the ready!

  1. Wow, action packed. We went to the allotment this morning, came home for lunch and I fell asleep on the sofa!

  2. Lynda Eagan says:

    Be honest, what did you think of the asparagus peas? I had planted them last year but didn’t like them at all. However, I took a bag of them to the Thai lady in our local Thai shop and she was delighted to have them. That made it all worthwhile. Enjoy the lovely weather.

    • They have a very delicate flavour. Not to everyones taste I admit. I think it depends on how you cook them. Boiling them I don’t think would work, but frying in a little oil and butter, maybe with a bit of garlic makes all the difference. It’s a bit like kohl rabi, boiling is no good, where as roasting is fantastic!

  3. vivi12blog says:

    Hello Claire,
    I really enjoy your Youtube videos. I planted carrots this year and wasn’t sure when to pick them, so I google it. That’s how I found your videos and I must of watched like 9-12 of them. Anyways, I woke up today and couldn’t wait to get into my garden. My hubby and I even bulit a compost hep. The soil in your allotment is beautiful. The soil where I live is not that nice, it’s red clay. I hate red clay! Everytime, I want to plant anything I always have to buy planting soil. Do you know anything about how to manage red clay?

    • I’m glad you find the videos useful, you’ve got a lot more to watch as I think we’re up to about 168! Blimey have we really done that many? As for your red clay, what I would suggest is either of the following:
      1 – Get a shed load of well rotten manure and fork in. If you can get it delivered all the better, or hire a low loader truck. This will need to be done every year though, so in the long run may work out expensive.
      2 – Opt for the raised beds approach. It’s more expensive, but once they’re in they don’t need anything doing to them for years. You’ll have to by top soil and various other things, but personally, I think that’s the one I opt for.
      If you want any more information about raised beds just ask and I’ll let you know.
      All the best,

    • Raised beds are great. Make them about 1 ft deep, as long as you like, but only 4 foot wide. Get the toughest wood you can, gravel boards are great. Make sure it’s really sturdy before you fill. Line the bottom with flattered cardboard boxes, and them fill with a mixture of half tops soil, a quarter manure, and an eighth ballast and an eighth sand. Mix well and you’re ready to go.

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