Saturday 21st July 2012 – Got a red ant stuck in my welly!

Now the kids are on summer holidays it’s only possible for me to go to the allotment at the weekend for a while. It won’t be long until I can leave them at home for a couple of hours, but just not yet. The sun was shining today, so I put on my shorts and wellies and pottled down to my plots. I got more of the path done, which is great. I now need to buy more black covering and more pegs. Just doing something simple like this makes the plot look much tidier, why I didn’t do it years ago I don’t know. As I was weeding and moving tyres I kept on disturbing ants nests. One red ant managed to get in the top of my welly sock, and bit me, little bugger! Making strawberry jam, so I’d better go.

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4 Responses to Saturday 21st July 2012 – Got a red ant stuck in my welly!

  1. Our plot would have been unworkable over the last few weeks had we not done the paths. Amazing what a difference it makes.

  2. Etty says:

    my plot WAS unworkable over the last few weeks, and I came close to losing it – got a warning letter 😦 Fortunately I have been able to get onto it and tug out tons of horsetail and grasses, so it looks a lot better now. Job for the winter – make paths .

    • I think everyone has struggled this year because of the weather. Our allotment wardens from the council have been a bit more lenient this year. Even I’ve struggled with keeping it looking respectable. We get 3 warning letter before we have to leave, so we get plenty of time to do something about the state of our plot. Paths make a huge difference, especially ones you don’t have to mow. Keep up the good work.

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