Monday 25th June 2012

I’ve decided that grass paths are too time consuming and wanted a simpler solution. I therefore have gone a brought some “Apollo Ground control” from Homebase. I spent the morning strimming paths and then laying the covering over the top. You can attach with special pegs to the ground, and then I put a thick layer of wood chippings over the top. We had a load of free chippings delivered to the site via a friend. I’ve done 3 paths so far, so lots more to do. I also managed to do a lot more weeding, so now the jerusalem artichokes can breathe fresh air.

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2 Responses to Monday 25th June 2012

  1. Kimba says:

    Good plan, Claire, especially if you get free chipping. The grass really does grow like grass!

    • Everyone keeps complaining about the amount of weeds we have at the moment, and how fast the grass is growing. It’s because of the heavy rain and then warm days. Bad combination.

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