Tuesday 26th June 2012

Another warm day which is lovely. It actually feels like summer now. I managed to weeds my onion bed today, and then watered it thoroughly. They’re growing well, the white ones anyway, and the red ones are doing much better than last year, to be honest they couldn’t have done any worse. I managed to get another couple of paths sorted. It makes the plot look much tidier. I’ll have to get a few more tyres to put on top soon. I”ll get them from Kwik Fit where I had to go about 3 weeks ago for a couple of tyres for the car. After I’d finished I had to go to the supermarket and it was only when I got home and looked in the mirror I noticed that I had soil on my forehead. Ooh dear, well never mind.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 26th June 2012

  1. david gray says:

    It’s very muggy and humid here on south Lincs, just got on from an hour or so in the garden. I am so excited too as i have flower’s on my lemon apple cucumber plant ! Not sure if you have tried these have you Claire ? I have also seem some other plants i really want to try, Pineberries !! Only downside is they are selling for around £5 a single plant. But they do sound lush, a Strawberry that tastes of Pineapple. Interesting !

  2. david gray says:

    I hope to see a video clip on these in the near future then ! ha.

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