Tuesday 12th June 2012

You know, I just get on with things and don’t ask for much, but, PLEASE can the summer return. I’m getting quite depressed with all the rain we’re having. I’ve not been able to get to the allotment again today because it’s been pouring. I just want to see some sun and put my shorts back on, and not have to walk to school in my wellies.
Just got out from the greenhouse and have managed to get the rest of the tomatoes in their final pots. I Also re potted some sunflowers, but had too many so I’m giving the rest to school as it’s “Bring a plant to school” tomorrow. They won’t be getting one, but at least 20. I’m sure they’ll find room for them somewhere.

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8 Responses to Tuesday 12th June 2012

  1. Really is depressing. I have pots outside in trays at home and at the plot and have to keep emptying the water out to stop the poor plants drowning. Popped down there a little while ago to pick strawberries in the rain. The slugs and weeds are having a wonderful time. I can’t remember a worse year weather-wise :(.

  2. paul says:

    Same here, my dwarf beans look so unhappy and runners .
    But on a good note i dug up some charlotte potatoes excellent crop
    Have rescued my tumbling toms in hanging baskets i fear the dreaded blight !!!
    Claire your broad beans got much black fly ?

    • My runners are still in the greenhouse. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them out next week. I’m sure the ones outside will recover all they need is a bit of sun. I’ve got a bit of black fly on my broad beans, but not much. Nip the shoots off at the top and spray with diluted washing up liquid. Usually does the trick.

  3. maritza says:

    Hi Claire, I know how you feel about the weather, I live in Scotland and at times it can be very depressing. Anyway, can yo tell me why some of my potato leaves have holes? and why my broad beans have brown spots they were looking really healthy. Will they have healthy crop? We have had loads of rain, would that be the reason? many thanks

    • We had sun today, which was a lovely surprise, but for the rest of the week it’s more rain. The potato leaves, it could be “capsid bug”. Brown spots appear to start with then the holes. The leaves don’t look nice, but it doesn’t affect the potatoes below the soil. As for the broad beans, it sounds like “Chocolate Spot”. Look it up and look at a picture before you do anything to the plants. If it is then you need to remove any diseased and destroy. Make sure the plants don’t grow too close together. I hope this helps. With out seeing the plants it is difficult. Please check the broad beans before destroying any.

      • maritza says:

        Thank you Claire, I think I’ve planted the beans too close……never mind!
        Enjoy your weekend with your grandparents.

  4. I had a lovely time with my grand parents. I’ve not seen them for 2 years. It’s at least a 4 hours drive to see them, and that’s without a break. I left home at 10am and arrived to their house at just before 4pm. Phew!!

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