Friday 8th June 2012

Did I write June? Yes that is right. Looking at the weather outside, it looks more like October. Maybe the sun we had for 2 weeks a while back was our Summer, who knows. I certainly hope not, come back summer we miss you.
Moan done, back to business now. I’ve just come in from the greenhouse after locking myself away in there for the past hour away from the gales outside. I have my cup of tea and I was a happy little bunny. The kids knew where I was, so they can find me. I think they know by now if I’m not in the house, I’m in the garden somewhere.
I potted up some Holly hocks that are growing well, my 5 cucumber plants, which can grow outside, but to be honest, not in this weather. I’ve filled the garden table with more plants that need to go to the allotment, so no eating outside in the garden for a while…yeah like that’s going to happen any time soon! I also have re potted a load of tomatoes into their final pots. I’m growing some on the allotment, and some in the greenhouse. I find it better that way, because if the ones on the allotment get blight, then I’ve still got a load at home. Lunch now, and then I’ll start on something else.

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10 Responses to Friday 8th June 2012

  1. paul says:

    Gales played havoc with my broad beans , have staked them , they are looking good though.
    I am growing some Esmarald cucs in green house amd are now fruiting, not sure weather to pinch out side shoots?
    chocolate cherrys toms in flower
    my sultana french climbing beans are doing well growing a old plastic water tank.

    • I hope your broad beans recover and there wasn’t too much damage to them. I’m having the best year for broad beans that I’ve every had. I think they’ll need to be harvested soon. I usually leave side shoots for cucumbers, but you may have a variety that needs side shooting. Everything is growing really well.

  2. rosie says:

    Im sat on my sofa looking out in to the garden at my runner beans taking a beating from the wind, they were doing so well just hope they will be ok! My broad beans look ok and i have moved all my salad and veg in pots in to sheltered parts of my garden! Luckily my tomatoes plants are growing in sheltered places and i have some in the green house so they should be ok as long as the green house don’t blow away. 😦

    • My french beans are on the table outside getting a battering also. It’s half term, so I’ve not been able to get to the allotment. I’ll be there tomorrow come rain or shine to see what damage has been caused. The plants in the greenhouse are all warm and cosy though.

  3. Irene from Piraeus Greece says:

    Good morning, Claire. Please do not moan about weather!! These days are so hot here, for June and I don’t like hot weather at all!! I am afraid this could cause damage to my vegetables. My first aubergine for this season appeared! It grows on a plant I’ve saved from last year, enveloping it in plastic bag. I did the same, with pepper plants. It’s a Greek variety, similar to Italians, long, not fat with white strips, sweet and very tasty. Its name is Tsakoniki, from the Peloponnese region, in which is produced.
    I wish this year, we all have success and good crops of our vegetables.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • We’ve had a good day today, and tomorrow is supposed to be good also. The sun can burn the leaves of plants very quickly. My parents (in Spain) have to water late at night, so it can soak in all night and then when the sun comes up the next day it doesn’t burn the leaves. Your aubergine sound lovely, I’ll have a look for them on line. Have a great season and let me know how everything grows.

  4. steve nunn says:

    Just found your blog after looking at some of your you tube videos. Just started gardening and trying to work out what on earth I am doing. Your blog and videos are really helpful (already seen loads of mistakes I have made)

    • Good luck with your new venture. It’s all jolly exciting gardening, except when it pours with rain and you can’t get outside. I’m so glad you find the videos useful, I just do things that way, others use different methods, but it works for me. Have loads of fun, and if you have any questions, just ask.

  5. Robert Myers says:

    Clair I don’t see anything new on youtube are you still putting video on youtube or did you quit??
    can you do one on Oyster Plant it is called something else put I forget what they call it.
    It is a white root when you cook it in milk, butter, salt and pepper it taste like Oyster Stew.

    • There some new videos that went up a couple of weeks ago. Off hand I think they were number 161 – 163. I was hoping to do more before the kids broke up for half term, but the weather was disgusting to say the least. Hope fully I’ll be able to do some tomorrow. I’ve got more films to do, but at the moment it just depends on the weather. Last time I got soaked on the allotment I ended up with bronchitis, so I’m careful not to get that again so soon after.
      The other word for oyster plant is salsify. I’ll see what I can do.

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