Thursday 7th June 2012

Had a bit more of a sort out in the greenhouse this morning. I potted up the few celeriac that have grown, and had a bit of a tidy. I then went and finished having a tidy of the front garden. It’s now pouring with rain, but I’ve finished in the garden, so that’s ok.

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4 Responses to Thursday 7th June 2012

  1. david gray says:

    i have celeriac growing outside too for the first time ever this year. started from seed in march and the roots are now around 1in across already. just had an afternoon tying up to canes what tomato plants i have decided to put out as we are forecast heavy winds. the gardeners nightmare ! had to move several tomatoes out of my home made greenhouse though as i have kinda planted to many… around 40+ plants at the last count, oops, ha.

    • I always plant too many tomatoes as well. The seeds never look a lot until they start to grow, then you wonder where to put them. I hope it’s not too windy later for you.

  2. paul says:

    I think we all plant to many tomatoes, i this year am growing some black cherry toms in the greenhouse, plus some yellow perfections which i had last year.

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