Wednesday 30th May 2012

Another lovely morning on the allotment, in which I managed to get lots done. I’ve finished weeding another bed, and am half way through the next one. I planted a load more tomato plants, and have now run out of sticks that are about 5 ft long, so will have to rummage around at home to find some, otherwise I’ll have to buy some more. All the plants loving the sunshine, including the weeds unfortunately . I got more watered and strimmed more grass. My knees weren’t as dirty as they usually get, how I managed that I don’t know.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 30th May 2012

  1. David Hyams says:

    When you put the sticks in, I would strongly recommend placing upturned old plastic bottles on top of them. Apart from scaring off the birds in the breeze, they also stop you from having a nasty eye injury when tending to or picking your crops.

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