Friday 1st June 2012

In the South of the UK we are guaranteed not to get another frost until the autumn now, so that means that all the tender crops are safe to be planted out. I know I sowed some last week, but I checked the weather and the night temperatures looked good. I’ve just come in from sowing my Papaya seeds. I got them in Spain a few years ago, so if they still grow is anyones guess. I’ll give them ago, and let you know. To be honest I don’t hold out much hope for them, and what I’ll do with the plant when the summer is finished I’ll have to see. I also found a few french bean seeds that I had forgotten about, and they got sowed as well. I wasn’t down the allotment today as my son has an inset day from school, but my daughter is at school today. I think she said “That’s not fair” this morning, but the tables will be turned another time. A long weekend ahead, so hopefully `I’ll be able to get down the allotment sometime. It’s half term next week.

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