Tuesday 29th May 2012

Another warm day, but it looks like we may have storms tonight. Hopefully it’ll break the humidity that we’re having. The clouds are starting to gather, so hopefully it’s not far away.
I popped to the allotment this morning, this time with a charged up ipod. Yesterday when I went down it was very low on power and only lasted about 10 minutes before it stopped. I got lots done today, I planted all of my normal sized sweetcorn, about 10 tomato plants, and 2 cabbages that I found hiding in the greenhouse. I also managed to strim a load more and have nearly finished another bed. The soil is starting to get quite hard now as we need some major rain. I’ve sorted more plants to put in tomorrow and it looks like it’ll be a bit cooler tomorrow as well.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 29th May 2012

  1. paul says:

    Hi Claire . I have been watching your vids a long time. I use to have a large allotment years ago before my stroke , and you put things over so well.
    i grow as much as i can in my garden , but i have noticed not many bees.!
    yes i have used 50% of my rainwater and need rain.
    Still my courgettes are looking good in pots a pot type variety.
    i am growing many sweet peas to attract insects ( i was told this by old timers on the allotment)
    I am growing some climbing french beans in a water tank so see how they will do

    • The bees were late this year, but once it started to warm up they became very busy. Sweet peas and any large flowers are good to grow with the vegetables. Try foxgloves as they come back each year and attract the bib bumble bees.
      I hope you have a great season, and let me know how you get on.

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