Monday 28th May 2012

Well this afternoon I managed to sow the last of my climbing french beans. I got them from Victoriana and they’re called Fasold. Everything is growing well in the greenhouse and as we’ve had this really hot weather I need to water daily. Fortunately most plants are in trays, so I can give them a good soaking. The little birdies in my nesting box are making lots of noise now, and the parents are flying back an forth constantly. I’m very excited.

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2 Responses to Monday 28th May 2012

  1. paul says:

    Well much the same here Blue tits nesting outside our patio door really noisy, don’t like our cat
    i will plant some sultana climbing beans in a water tank.

    • Blue tits, how lovely. My babies are getting very noisy now, I don’t know how long it’ll be til they fledge, but I’ll miss them when they’re gone. Someones cat kept sitting on top of out shed roof, so I sprinkled some cayenne pepper on there, and it’s never come back.

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