Saturday 28th April 2012

Here is the photo of George holding a couple of the massive parsnips that I dug up earlier this week. I can’t remember how to add a photo to a blog, so I had to wait for Mark to have 5 minutes to do it for me.

Massive parsnips!

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8 Responses to Saturday 28th April 2012

  1. Mama Syder says:

    Wow! Hope mine end up like that!

    • I think the secret is to sow them, water them, and then forget about them. I usually do that, and when I come to dig them up I can’t remember where they are, until about March time, when the start to shoot again. Not very technical I know.

  2. Irene from Greece, Pireaus says:

    These are really, huge parsnips! Bravo Claire! I think, they are the reward for the good work you are doing, in your allotment. George, looks so proud!!!

    • And they grew in a tyre! To be honest, I forgot they were there until I came across them. I think they’re the largest ones I’ve ever grown. George is proud, but so am I. When I dug them up there was no one down the allotment to share my joy with.

  3. Angela Daniele says:

    Wow they are huge, I have just invested in a large electric propergator as my cucmbers, and squashes were just not playing as it is tooo cold, I’m just hoping the extra heat will encourage them. I did notice at the local garden centre, they don’t have many cucumber plants either and the lady said they are not doing very well with sales of garening plants etc because of the weather. So FINGERS and toes crossed it warms up soon. Keep up the blog as I really enjoy reading what you’ve been doing to see if I’m on track.

    • Have fun with your new toy. They don’t like the cold, and neither do I really. It’s been a funny old year with the weather, whether we’ll end up having a summer at all is anyones guess. Let me know how you get on.

  4. steve wortinger says:

    Where is the new video?

  5. I think I’m up to 160 at the moment. I didn’t have the camera with me, so had to take a photo when George got home.

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