Monday 30th April 2012

Woke up this morning, and wondered what that big, bright, round, yellow shiny thing was in the sky! Goodness me it was THE SUN!! It’s been along time since I’ve seen it, I’d forgotten what it looked like. The weather must have realised it was Georges’ (my little boy) 10th birthday, and decided to shine today. I went to the allotment for just under 3 hours this morning, and got all the rest of my potatoes in. Wow, I’ve finally done them all. Now the next job is to start planting the red onions.

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5 Responses to Monday 30th April 2012

  1. Irene from Greece, Pireaus says:

    Happy birthday, George! I wish you to be happy and healthy, for your whole life and live long as long they live the high mountains!!!!

  2. Gerryandsquad says:

    Claire, I came across this petition today and it is worth reading and joining to Save the Bees.

  3. Gerryandsquad says:

    We took Claire’s advice and “went for it on Friday”. Now we have 99% of our maincrop in the ground. After looking at the weather forecast I went up there late yesterday and earthed up the 6 first earlies that had shown to save them from the frost, plus check on the fleece covering the veg seeds. I was just saying goodbye to one of the long serving gardeners when he shouted out, and I turned in time to see my direct neighbour’s green polytunnel tumble over his next doors cloches, then float over the next fence and hit into a greenhouse with a crash. We all clambered over fences to save anymore damge and dismantled the now broken green tunnel, which we carried back to my neighbour’s plot and laid to rest under a heavy door, well weighted down with a bucket of stones from my plot. I hope that when he turns up he doesn’t think we pulled it down! Some explaining to do on how to anchor down loose lightweight tents, I think.

    • I’m glad you got your potatoes in. I was late putting them in this year because of the weather. But they’re growing well. I hope the polytunnel didn’t make too much mess, and no one was too cross. Make sure they secure it firmly to the ground. High winds can do a lot of damage. Paving slabs are good for securing greenhouses.

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