Friday 27th April 2012

You know when you get so wet, you can’t get any wetter? Well that happened to me on the allotment this morning. After 2 days of not being able to get down there because of the weather I thought “Sod it, I need to get some more of those potatoes in”. So I got down there at just after 10 this morning, and left at noon. I’ve just got home, and when I say to you the ONLY item of clothing I didn’t have to change were my socks, I think you’ll understand!! I’m going to have lunch now and a lovely warm cup of tea. I did get some more potatoes in so that was good. Oh its just started raining again.

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9 Responses to Friday 27th April 2012

  1. victoriawildman says:

    What a morning. At least you’ve managed to tick another job off the list.

  2. jeanraff says:

    it’s lovely and sunny here in Italy 32 degrees at the moment
    We did a lot of rotavating very hot work

    • The sun has finally come out, but the clouds are still looming. I bet it rains again, just as the kids come out of school. It always does.
      I can only dream of 32 degrees, how lovely and warm. Now you’ve done all that rotavating you can have a cool drink to celebrate. What are you going to plant in the patch you’ve just cleared?

  3. Gerryandsquad says:

    We are new allotmenteers and have managed to get our 1st earlies into the ground, and waited delivery of our maincrop. Now here in the NorthEast it has rained almost continuous, and when it is not raining some other business is on the agenda grrrr. One day we expect to plant our maincrop spuds, and get on with the rest of the garden. No one ever said it would be easy but this is a joke!

    • It’s not always like this, some years like last year it was so dry and hot. Hopefully this means that the summer will be a proper hot and sunny one, but time will only tell. If you’re going to the allotment in the rain, make sure you take a hot drink with you, your wellies and something sweet to eat, like cake or biscuits. The sugar rush during the morning makes all the difference. Have fun.

  4. It’s been a frustrating week weather wise here in Bristol Very wet but like you Claire I can’t keep away too long. Found part of my plot waterlogged so built some raised beds. At least it’s easy to dig soil in this weather. To think there’s a hosepipe ban!!! Love your vids.

    • Sometimes you just have to get wet. There’s something about the allotment that draws you back what ever the weather throws at you. A waterlogged plot is horrible, some parts of our site are, but I’m on a slight hill, so mine so far has been fine. Raised beds are the only way to combat this problem. At least the sun shone yesterday and I got all the rest of my potatoes in, but it’s raining again today.

  5. Gerryandsquad says:

    We took Claire’s advice and “went for it”. Now we have 99% of our maincrop in the ground. After looking at the weather forecast I went up there late yesterday and earthed up the 6 first earlies that had shown to save them from the frost, plus check on the fleece covering the veg seeds. I was just saying goodbye to one of the long serving gardeners when he shouted out, and I turned in time to see my direct neighbour’s green polytunnel tumble over his next doors cloches, then float over the next fence and hit into a greenhouse with a crash. We all clambered over fences to save anymore damge and dismantled the now broken green tunnel, which we carried back to my neighbour’s plot and laid to rest under a heavy door, well weighted down with a bucket of stones from my plot. I hope that when he turns up he doesn’t think we pulled it down! Some explaining to do on how to anchor down loose lightweight tents, I think.

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