Wednesday 25th April 2012

Well, since the hosepipe ban came into effect on 5th April it’s done nothing but rain! It’s absolutely pouring at the moment, and will be for the rest of the day. Maybe if they cancel the ban the sun will return? Here’s hoping.

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10 Responses to Wednesday 25th April 2012

  1. victoriawildman says:

    I’m just about to head over to the plot now! Wish me luck.

  2. Irene from Piraus, Greece says:

    Well, one hope, not ever hurt anyone. Here, we have a sunny day. My potato plants are over 15 cm. height, now. I am going to cover them, maybe, tomorrow.

  3. Annie says:

    Hi Clare
    Just recently landed myself an allotment plot In Wallington after being on a w/l for just 3 months! It has rather caught me be surprise as I expected a 2 yr wait! I have grown a few bits in my back garden over the past 2 yrs with ok results. I have just discovered your site – fab. You are very inspiring!I have managed to dig a 4×12 area and enclose to make a bed with some decking timber rescued from a skip nearby. Got some spuds in. I usually grow these in cylindrical upright bags so this is a 1st.Have dug another 12×4 bed. I have manured a week ago. I have some courgettes and ( Lidl ) cucumbers growing away on my window sill. Can I put these in the bed together? Should I keep separate? If so 3 courgettes to a bed this size?

    • Congratulations on getting your plot. 3 months is very quick, lucky you. I’m not too far from you, so we’re likely to have the same weather. Get as much dug as soon as possible, because of all the rain we’ve just had. The ground is so much easier to dig at the moment. Courgettes take up a lot of room, they need a minimum of 2 ft square each if you can give then 3ft even better. I know this sound a lot, but when they in full flow they grow very large. As for the Cucumbers, if they’re outside ones then they can go in the same bed, but see if you can get a structure for them to grow up. It doesn’t have to be tall, just enough to keep them off the ground.
      Have fun.

      • Annie says:

        Kind thanks Claire. Appreciate the advice. There is a lot of turf to turn over and it is very bumpy and uneven with lots of bramble stumps Council cut down to about 5″ high to dig out. Soil seems good underneath though. Looking for wood now, to make a compost. Had been growing things from seed indoors for my garden so some things can got to the allotment now.. Borage, comfrey, chillies – when grown on a bit. It is all very exciting. Its my birthday next week – I am being asked what I would like-Thinking about a dwarf fruit tree. I have raspberry canes at home, but have space now to experiment. Your sherbert melon seeds look like fun!

  4. Comfrey is good for plant feed. I must do a video on that one. Sounds like you’ve got lots to do. Brambles are a real pain, but once they’re out it feels good. Make sure you have a good pair of tweezers with you to pick out the thorns. They get everywhere.

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