Tuesday 24th April 2012

When I arrived at the allotment this morning it was drizzling, but as the morning went on the sun came out, and it was very pleasant. I’ve manage to get more of my potatoes in. I’ve got over half in, and am just short of getting two thirds in. We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings, but apparently it’s supposed to rain hard all day. I also found some parsnips that I’d sown last year growing in a tyre. I had to remove the tyre to dig them out. They were enormous! So that’s more to add to the rest of them.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 24th April 2012

  1. hi claire i put some corrots in my allotment ( my first season ) and they are coming up nicely but so are weeds more weeds then carrots actualy what would you suggest i do

    • It’s so exciting when they seeds start to sprout. Weeds are a pain, and the more rain we have they just grow faster. The only thing to do is to get down on your hands and knees and pick the weeds out. With all the rain we’ve been having they ground is soft, and they should just pull out, that way you don’t disturb the carrot seedlings. If you can find some miracle way to stop weeds growing you’ll be a millionaire. Listen to some good music while you do it, then it doesn’t seem so boring.

      • thanks claire looks like its on my knees then at the weekend hope it doesnt rain to much how do i stop cats from doing there dirtys in my allotment every time i go it takes me 15 mins to clear there mess up was thinking of putting alfie my collie in there to scare them off but he would just wee on everything

  2. Invest in a good pair of knee pads. You can get them from Wickes. They’re classes as decorators knee pads, but they work just as well for gardening. As for cats, the best way is to sprinkle some chilli pepper/cayenne anything spicy on the part that you’ve just weeded. It makes them sneeze and they don’t usually come back. You can also get hold of “Scardy cat” plants from Thompson and Morgan. They don’t like the frost, but once you’ve had them there the cats remember and seldom come back.

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