Tuesday 27th March 2012

Well I’ve just sown lots of things red: Red onions called “Red Karmen”, red Brussels Sprout called “Falstaff” and red cabbage called “January King 3”. I got a bit carried away with the red onions as I decided to buy 2 packets only to then discover that there were 50 in each packet! I think we’ll have enough onions to last a while, especially with all the white onions I got also.

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10 Responses to Tuesday 27th March 2012

  1. Claire says:

    You are making me really jealous!

    We get the keys to our new house on Monday and the Man with a Van comes on Friday. The new place has a garden and a greenhouse!! Five years on an allotment waiting list, and now I have to come off it and sign a new waiting list. *sigh*

    I just want to sow some seeds!!

    • New house, how exciting. I like the man with the van. Just make sure you give him tea and biscuits and he’ll do anything you ask.
      5 years on a waiting list! that’s ridiculous, hopefully you won’t have to wait that long on your next list. Keeping nagging the Council to get you something. We have an allotment warden on our Council, and he goes round and checks that we’re keeping on top of things, if not we get 3 warnings and then we’re off.

  2. fern says:

    as a first time grower what would you suggest are the best things to start with in a small garden. Could you give me any tips on how to grow. thanx

    • If it’s your first year, and you only have a small space I’d go for vegetable that you really like. Choose just 6 different things, then you’re not overwhelmed. Personally I’d grow; climbing runner beans or climbing french beans, carrots, onions, mangetout, 1 courgette, and about 3 tomato plants. If they’re not for you radish are quick and so is lettuce, beetroot doesn’t take much looking after. I hope there are a few suggestions for you. Remember you don’t have to sow any of the seeds yourself, you can buy ready grown plants that just need to be put in.

  3. Claire says:

    Oh! And look what we have in our germinating containers Claire!! http://potsmith.co.uk/03/corn-crazy/

    4th picture down… do you recognise the seeds at all? I will give you a clue… We will need a saucepan with a LID and some oil! 😛

  4. Lynn Kimber says:

    Funny you should say that Claire, I am going to have about a million red onions too! Not to mention far too many strawberry plants — the six I bought two years ago have been having non-stop babies. I keep off loading them to friends but the allotment is groaning at the borders with them still!

  5. Irene from Piraus, Greece says:

    Hi Claire. Do not worry about onions, as they are always useful in cooking. I always need some more of these vegetables. Also the pots in my balcony are full of spring onions.

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