Wednesday 28th March 2012

Well I was hoping very much to go to the allotment today and tomorrow, but my little boy has decided to be ill. Poor little George he is never ill, and was very upset. He’s asleep at the moment, and has been for about 1 and a half hours. He won’t be going to school tomorrow either, as he still can’t eat. I’m taking him to the doctors later today to see if there’s anything I can do for him. If he can eat then he can get better. He tried some lunch, but that didn’t stay down long.

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8 Responses to Wednesday 28th March 2012

  1. ummSuhayb says:

    MIne have been ill with a temperature and queasiness/ vomiting. I was also hoping to get up the allotment;there’s so much to be done and the weeds will be having a ball in all this sunny weather. Feel a bit guilty though, hoping they be better for my gardening ambitions!

    • My allotment is a bit of a state at the moment, but I’m looking at the Easter weekend where I’ll have 3 days to go up and have fun. My husband doesn’t work on bank holiday’s, but is out on Good Friday, but I’ve got the rest of the weekend and the Monday to be as busy as a bee. I hope your little ones are feeling better very soon.

  2. Irene from Piraus, Greece says:

    Hi Claire. I hope George, recover soon and return to school. Children, often get sick from viruses at school. Mine too. I was sick too, with a flu, almost 2 weeks. That kept me away from work I had to do in the vegetables nursery. Now, luckily, I returned to my favorite hobbies, my vegetables and my cooking! Do not worry, everything will be fine!!

    • My 2 never seem to get the bugs that go round. Or if they do happen to get ill they’ll do it at the weekend. This was totally out of sorts, and as I said to George that when he is ill, he does it with style and goes the whole thing really well.

  3. Irene from Greece, Pireaus says:

    Good morning Claire! How is little George today? Better I hope!

    • He went back to school on Friday, but I think he over did it, because when we got home he was sick again. But that’s been it. He’s slowly getting back to eating normally. He’s not 100% because as I’ve still got loads of apples in the fruit bowl, and he tends to eat about 6 in one day. Give him a couple of days, and he should be back to his normal bouncy self.

  4. Angela Daniele says:

    My 3 grandchildren have all had chicken pox, one of them is the worst case even the doctor has seen,bless him, hope ur little boy is better soon x Angela

    • Poor little love. I remember chocken pox well. George had it first, then 2 weeks later Emily got it. I couldn’t take her out as she had them in her eyes, and it looked like I’d punched her in the face. I hope they recover soon. George is much better, slowly getting back to eating normally now.

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