Tuesday 27th March 2012

Another beautiful day, so I’ve just come in from the greenhouse after sowing the following flower seeds: Hollyhocks called Halo Mixed. I’ve already got some growing in the garden, and they’re lovely, but I wanted some different coloured ones. They can grow to over 6 feet tall, so if you do grow them, make sure you put them in the back of a bed. If any of the leaves get rust spots on the just cut them off and dispose of them. They’ll flower through out the summer and attract all the bumble bees. Then when they’ve finished flowering just cut them back to just above the ground and they’ll come back the following year. Also I sowed some perennial Sunflowers, which look fab as well as several varieties of Poppy. Also some seeds on matchsticks, which I haven’t the faintest idea what they are. I got a free sample from “Tena”. (Only the women will understand what they are, I don’t use then by the way), but if someone is giving away free seeds I won’t say no.I just hope they don’t grow what I hope they don’t? That would be interesting. And last but by no means least some ornamental grasses. Phew!

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4 Responses to Tuesday 27th March 2012

  1. Sam says:


    “I just hope they don’t grow what I hope they don’t?”


  2. Women of a certain age will understand. Fortunately I’m not at that age yet.

  3. Terence says:

    Hallo Claire, I love Hollyhocks depite their tendency to have rust. Wish they cane out together even
    for a day or two instead of slowly flowering and going to see up the stem. I used to have some lovely
    pale yellow ones with no rust. I REALLY like your videos and your enthusiasm Terence

    • I like the way they flower gradually, then they last longer. The yellow ones sound wonderful. I’ve got purple ones in my garden at then moment, so hopefully with thee new seeds I’ll get moere colours.

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