Tuesday 10th January 2012

I finished tiding the back garden this morning, everything has been trimmed and weeded, and is ready for Spring to arrive. I also planted some garlic bulbs. I started them in 3 inch pots in general multi purpose compost, and they’re in a tray in the greenhouse. Hopefully it won’t be long before they start to sprout and when the weather gets a bit more favourable and I’ve got a bit of time to spare I’ll pop them in the allotment. The new season is nearly upon us, yippee!!

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7 Responses to Tuesday 10th January 2012

  1. Crystal says:


  2. Allotment Plot 4 says:

    I adore garlic and plant loads of it, I’m now using my own grown garlic to plant out which saves a few pennies too! Roll on spring 🙂

  3. Matt Young says:

    Dear Claire
    I hope you are well. Sorry to email you out of the blue (this was the only contact I could find for you).
    I am the Executive Producer of a gardening series for ITV that is being produced this summer. I wondered if you might be interested in being considered as a presenter?

    If so could you let me know a contact email where I can let you know a little more information.

    Matt Young

  4. David Hyams says:

    Claire – don’t forget to try growing some vegetable spaghetti this season !


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