Tuesday 17th January 2012

Well, my potatoes arrived today from Dobies of Devon. I ordered 3 different types: Purple Majesty, Valor and Picasso. They’re all main crops, so I’ll put them on trays on top of the kitchen cupboards so they can chit away til their hearts content, and then in mid March I’ll start putting them in the soil. Each bag weighs 3Kg, so the box was very heavy. I think the delivery man was a bit confused by how excited I was at the though of my potatoes arriving, “Oh, my potatoes!!!” I exclaimed in quite a high tone for me. Needless to say he left quite quickly.

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3 Responses to Tuesday 17th January 2012

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Claire, Do you just grow main crop potatoes or is there a reason you haven’t got any first or second early’s . I’m picking my seed potatoes up this weekend form the allotment
    First Earlies: Casablanca, Second Earlies: Kestrel & Main Crop: Majestic and Desiree they’ve come down from Scotland this week, I’m thinking of getting a few more when our town has its potato day (Yetholm Gypsy, Amorosa Potatoes).. Roll on spring 🙂

    • I usually differ each year on my potatoes, as I like a change of variety. I tend not to grow first earlies as they don’t seem to do that well on our allotment site. I don’t know why that is, maybe it’s something to do with the soil. I have grown second earlies in previous years, and will again another year. I have grown Kestrel before and they did very well.
      I’ve still got some potatoes in the shed that I harvested last autumn, so hopefully they’ll last for another month.
      Spring is not that far away…we haven’t had any snow yet, hopefully it won’t come in March!

  2. Lucky you. LOL I can imagine your joy and the postman’s raised eyebrows.

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