Wednesday 26th October 2011

What a perfect afternoon, Emily was in her bedroom playing, George was playing badminton in the rain out in the square, and I was in the greenhouse picking all the remaining chillies and tomatoes. What could be better.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 26th October 2011

  1. Claire says:

    HI Claire, Now you don’t know me but you know my name…it’s also Claire! Hee hee.
    Anyhow, you’re day sounds lovely and I’m desperate to tell you about mine. I’ve been following you a good while now and have had a good nosey at your films and, well, let me tell you where I have been today? I’ve been to see my new allotment! Yay!!! Well, it will be mine, when we sign the papers and the old chap who has it now officially hands it back to the parish council who owns them.
    I’m excited yes, but worried sick about what I’ve taken on. I’m a Mum with 2 lads and it’s the boys who asked to have an allotment in the first place. So when I see you manage on your own and how easy you make it all appear I start to believe I can manage too. Lets hope so.
    Hope to hear of next years plans soon. How about a few films on how you plan what your growing where? I’m uncertain of all this crop rotation business. Maybe you don’t plan where they’re going, but I’d love to know.
    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Claire. x

    • Hi Claire,
      I’m so glad you’ve got your allotment, and I hope you have loads of fun with it. Once all the major digging is sorted out in the beginning, then it gets much easier. The more often you go down there, the easier it is.
      Crop rotation sounds harder than it is. I really need to do a video about it. Maybe I’ll try to get one done this week. I won’t explain it to you now, as it’ll make more sense in the video. I hope that’s ok?
      I’m sure you and your boys will have great fun. How much of your produce will get home is anyones guess. I tend to nibble on vegetables whilst I’m down there.
      Good luck with your new plot, and if you have any questions just ask.
      Happy gardening,

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