Saturday 15th October 2011

It was MANURE DAY!!! at the allotment today. Stephen hired a tipper truck, and with the fantastic help from Emily and Malcolm, they managed to get loads of truck loads on site. Also a massive thanks to Seymour for supplying us with the “black gold”. It was quite amusing to watch as the truck emptied its load, allotment holders swarmed round it like bees to a hive. Within 10 minutes the pile had completely gone, and they lined up their wheel barrows for the next load. I was there for just over 4 hours, weeding in between drop offs, and chatting to plot holders about various things. The weather was wonderful, and everyone seemed very happy. I then went off to ring for a wedding, still dressed in my allotment gear, minus the wellies. Whether there’s anything left on site I don’t know, but I doubt it. Well done everyone for helping in all the little ways that you did.

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2 Responses to Saturday 15th October 2011

  1. Crystal says:

    Only a gardener would get so excited about manure and only another gardener would fully understand. Perhaps it is because gardeners are such optomists and know that that manure will assist vegetables that will grace the table in a year. Thanks for the posting.

    • Of course. It’s wonderful stuff is manure. My husband doesn’t understand my love of it. At least it doesn’t stink the car out. On Wednesday, I took the car and had it cleaned inside and out, it was sparkling. Then on Saturday he took it out, and it came back filthy. There were splash makes all up it, and on the windows. I feel so dirty.

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