Carving Pumpkins

Here’s a video I made on carving pumpkins for the Great Little Adventures website…

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2 Responses to Carving Pumpkins

  1. Claire says:

    Hello Claire! Another Claire here :o)
    Right you, you’re to blame for my aching limbs this evening! ;o)
    After hankering after a plot of my own for many years, I’ve finally got one. Today was DAY 1 and I loved it :o)
    I’d love to see a video on how you plan and rotate things Claire, I’m struggling with that bit at the moment. Which to add the lovely manure and other things to etc.
    Anyhow, off to read up a bit more on this achey-breaky new hobby of mine.
    Keep up the good work. x

    • Hi Claire,
      When you start work on a plot, you suddenly find muscles that you didn’t realise you had. It does get easier as the years go on, so it’s not all bad.
      As for crop rotation, basically I don’t do it. It’s too much like hard work. The only things I don’t follow are tomatoes and potatoes. I must do a video in the Spring about it, because several people have asked me the same question.
      Keep on digging, it’s worth it in the end.

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