Wednesday 14th September 2011

It’s getting there, slowly but surely. This morning I weeded 2 more beds, strimmed some grass, found a few rouge Onions and Potatoes, and harvested a Cabbage. All in all a good morning’s work. This afternoon I made a couple of films in the greenhouse, and nibbled on a Tomato that was ripe. It was so sweet and juicy. Also, jolly exciting (well I’m excited anyway) my new wheelbarrow wheel has arrived through the post wrapped in only what can be described as cling film. Didn’t come with the postman, but by van. My neighbour was very confused when he delivered it, as I was on the allotment at the time. Must now find the adjustable spanner.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 14th September 2011

  1. Sounds perfect to me. Our Spring soil, straw bales etc arrived yesterday. The beds are made already.

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