Thursday 15th September 2011

What a glorious day, it seems like Summer has returned. The mornings are chilly, but when the sun wakes up, the heat comes through, and sun glasses are needed. We’d better make the most of it, I don’t know how long it’ll last. Popped my new wheelbarrow wheel on today. I was assured over the phone, that one wheel fits all. All I can say is “No it blooming well doesn’t!” The wheel fits, but the metal axle is too large for the new one, so can’t go through the wheel. I’ll have to give them a call to find out what to do. These things are never easy are they? Anyway, besides that I weeded more, and harvested some Pumpkins that were ready. They’re all quite small but my largest one hasn’t finished yet, so is still in. I also found more rouge Potatoes….will finding them never end?

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2 Responses to Thursday 15th September 2011

  1. scotty25aj says:

    Just a quick comment to say I love your blog and your YouTube channel. Really inspired me to grow my own and I’ve just decided I will start my own blog as well. Thanks again 🙂

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