Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Got back from holiday yesterday evening. We went to Dorset for a weekend. It was lovely. We hunted for fossils, and found some, had an adventure trying to find a cider place (narrow lanes with only one space for a car, then you come face to face with a tractor). Went to Corfe Castle on the way home. Stopped off at Stonehenge on the way there. Walked along the beach, and the kids went in the sea. Got mugged by a seagull whilst eating my ice cream, little b*****d scratched my face and stole my ice cream. I was really enjoying it, honey comb and caramel. Had fish and chips out of a bag with a little wooden fork (we decided that fingers were easier). Our little break was very enjoyable, and exhausting. Just a warning to anyone who has or will ever have a boy: Where ever you go, what ever you do, then always get soaked! We stayed in a B&B, and every time we came home he was always wrapped in just a towel. Emily got her socks wet sometimes, but George goes in for a paddle and gets EVERYTHING wet. Oh well, he was having fun, and I’ve got a washing machine. Back to normal now, and it raining. Went to the greenhouse this morning, and picked a Cucumber, a few Chillies and a few Tomatoes. I must go to the allotment tomorrow, and see how it’s all getting on.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 23rd August 2011

  1. Crystal says:

    Glad you had a nice holiday.. I think it might be time for some new videos as I just found myself watching an older one simply because I miss you. The garden must be getting ready to show off as fall can not be far away. “Looking forward to seeing you soon” hehe

    • When the kids go back to school, I’ll get the camera out. I’ve got a list of a few bits that I want to film. It’s quite an important time in September as Emily starts secondary school. I’ve just spent a fortune on new uniform, which will hopefully last her 3 years. George is going into year 5, so he’s got another 2 years before he starts.

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