Wednesday 17th August 2011

I’ve just come in from the greenhouse after rummaging around amongst the Tomatoes and Aubergines to harvest various Chillies. I felt like David Bellamy rummaging around in the under growth. I picked quite a few, some very hot, small red ones, some long, green ones and some light yellow/green ones. There are loads more growing, so I’ll pick some more in about a weeks time. I’ve just popped them in the freezer, whole and when I need them I’ll take what I need out, leave to defrost for about 10 minutes and then they’re easier to cut.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 17th August 2011

  1. Becki Fitzgibbons says:

    I have been on holiday for the last week and my mum neglected her babysitting plant duties :p
    I can home to find the green sprouts on my onions have been eaten, and slugs on the onion tops sticking out the ground. Will they still be ok? Should i pick them now and dry them out or will the slugs have ruined them?
    Some other things i have just written off as unsavable and others i am going to give a BIG feed and hopefully they will pick up.
    I have been picking my carrots as and when i need them. Is there a time when i should just pick them all? I don’t want something bad to happen to them.

    My first allotment is starting to look good. I have pit in the some potatoes and and bought a shed. Not much, but it’s a start 🙂

    • Oh no! You’ll have to have a word with your Mum about it. Write down full proof instructions for her next time. I hope you had a great holiday. I’m actually surprised the slugs went near the Onions, as they don’t usually bother with them. If what is left of the tops has gone brown, then pick them all, and put them somewhere to dry. Make sure you use the ones that the slugs have damaged first, and only store the perfect ones.
      Carrots can be left in the soil until you need them, but must be up before the first frost. So if there are any left in the ground at the beginning of October dig them all up.
      It sounds like you’re doing an excellent job on your allotment. I’m sure your plants are very happy to see you back.

  2. Where are you? I need a Claire fix, are you OK?
    Steve the Arborist

    • Hi Steve,
      I’m fine, just been on holiday for a bit. The kids are still on holiday, so getting to the allotment is a little tricky during the week. I’ve been blogging. I did some today. Don’t worry, I’ve got lots to film when the kids go back.
      Nice to know I’m missed though.

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