Wednesday 24th August 2011

Popped to the allotment this morning with the kids. They were very helpful, I think because we weren’t there for long. We picked some Baby Sweetcorn, which I think will be the last, also a few Tomatoes, the last of the Purple French Beans, 1 Runner Bean that we shared and the first few Borlotti Beans. It was all very wet up there. They also wanted to see how the Pumpkins were getting. I’m pleased to say that they’re still growing well, they’re not huge, but the largest one is a decent size. They’ve got another 2 months worth to grow, but they’ll slow down their growth at the end of September as it’ll start to cool down.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 24th August 2011

  1. winnie kemunto says:

    Hello, This is unrelated to the post I am looking for one of your vedios on planting strawberry seeds. is it available?

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