Sunday 6th March 2011

Just watched the new TV programme. Mark did laugh when I mentioned about the toilet rolls. Thanks to everyone for everything they did for it, especially Sean. Hope you all enjoy it. We’ve recorded it on the sky box so my parents can see it when they come over in a weeks time.

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4 Responses to Sunday 6th March 2011

  1. orchardmummy says:

    I loved the tv show, Claire. You where great and I thought the whole programme had a lovely, calm but informative feel about it. Well done!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. We all watched it at home, whilst we ate breakfast. Gardening should be calming, not stressed and panicky. Looking forward to seeing the next one. Mark especially enjoyed the comment I made about toilet rolls and asking your neighbours.

  2. ummSuhayb says:

    Yes. great show- just wanted to ask, re the onions- I don’t have a greenhouse, would planting them inside the house be too warm?

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