Saturday 5th March 2011

Just come in from sowing some Jumbley Tomato seeds. They were sent to my from the very lovely people at Victoriana Nursery Gardens. They sent me some last year and they grew beautifully. It’s not a specific type of tomato, just a mixture of various ones, so you don’t know exactly which ones you’ve grown until they fruit. I like surprises like that, don’t you? Had a quick look at the other bits in the greenhouse and they’re growing well. I’ll get in there tomorrow to have a sort out. After I’ve watched the new gardening programme of course.

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3 Responses to Saturday 5th March 2011

  1. Larry says:

    Good luck with the TV show. I look forward to seeing it on Youtube. Larry in Kentucky.

  2. My son jumbled up my seeds too…what fun to discover that watermelons were rockmelons.

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