Sunday 6th March 2011

Yes I know it’s 2 blogs in 1 day, but I’ve been very busy this afternoon. I’ve spent most of the afternoon in the greenhouse pricking out some tomatoes that are ready to go into 3 inch pots. They’re growing very well, and are just large enough to move onto the next stage. I also re-potted a load of sweet peas. I love sweet peas don’t you? Maybe you don’t, but I think they look beautiful. Especially when they fall over the edges of hanging baskets, and they attract bumble bees which must be a good thing as they’re slowly decreasing in numbers. Also my sister planted a whole packet of cauliflowers and pricked out what she needed and gave the rest to me. I’ve pricked out about 40 odd, and have now passed them onto a friend. They’ll do the rounds until they’re all gone. My sister and I tend to do this with left over plants. Sibling sharing, must remind my kids that it’s a good thing. Typing is hard as my fingers are cold from being outside, must warm them up with a cup of tea.

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2 Responses to Sunday 6th March 2011

  1. Love sweet peas !!! They have such a beautiful scent. My tomatoes are starting on their downward spiral now. They haven’t been big but very tasty especially the cherry tomatoes. I even tried some bottling with them.
    Does your sister have an allotment? It is cool that both of you have the same interest.

    • It doesn’t matter what size the Tomatoes are, as long as they taste scrummy. My sister used to have an allotment, but her garden is larger than mine, so she can grow bits in her garden. She only has to grow for 2, and she doen’t have as much time as me because she works full time.

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