Monday 7th March 2011

What a beautiful day it was today. Blue sky and sun all day. Woke up to frost this morning and will again tomorrow, but that’s a small price to pay for a wonderful sunny day. Made a film about Elephant Garlic today, goodness the cloves are huge.

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4 Responses to Monday 7th March 2011

  1. The Garden Smallholder says:

    Hi Claire, the weather has been lovely the past few days, bit windy here today but dry! I really enjoy watching your videos and find them very helpful and easy to follow. Glad to see you have a blog too! I will add you to my blog list and visit regularly.

    • Hi Karen,
      I’m glad you find the videos helpful. Thank you very much. We had frost this morning, but the sun soon got rid of that. It’s got a little cloudy now though. At least it’s not raining….or snowing as they’ve had in Scotland.

  2. bocspur says:

    We have just got an allotment last November well my wife got us one for me to tackle. With no experience at all but a lot of reading, internet and asking questions I have just got planting after planning it, having it weedkillered (covered in couchgrass as not tendered for 2 years) and rotivated. Today I stumbled across your videos on youtube. What a Godsend all the reading and talking is all well and good but actually watching someone do it and explaining simply has given me a boost. Quick question the soil has high alkaline reading, have added acid based compost in the hope i can get asapargus growing. Any tips/advice or should i not bother? Cheers and thanks 🙂

    • I’m so glad that you’ve finally got your allotment. “Tackle” is the right word to use, certainly for overgrown plots. I hope that you’re getting on very well with your new venture.
      You know what I’ve never tested my soil to see what it is. But everything grows well. My general feel is this….most vegetables grow in most types of soil. If the plant is that fussy I don’t bother.
      As your plot hasn’t been tendered for at least 2 years what I would suggest is that once you’ve weeded a section, then put some well rotted manure on the soil, and give it a light forking in. The soil will sort itself out, and the vegetables will grow. The really fussy plants need to be grown in pots, but you spend so much time worrying if the soil is right.
      I’ve got Asparagus, and it seems to be doing fine. I’ve only added manure at the end of each season.
      I hope that help.
      All the best,

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