Monday 28th February 2011

Well it’s nearly March and Spring is just around the corner. If today’s weather is anything to go by it’s a long way away. Very cold today, grey and rainy. I did spend most of the afternoon in the greenhouse though. I’ve just come in and my hands are still cold. I have sown a load of chillies. I know I’ve still got quite a few left from last year, but they’re so beautiful, and look wonderful in the greenhouse. I’ve got a 6 pack variety, so I’ll have various heats, colours and sizes. If you’re running low on seed trays and you know an elderly person who has meals delivered to them ask for the containers, they make great seed trays, just put some drainage holes in the bottom. Must hold my cup of tea to warm my finger up now!

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  2. Angela Diaz says:

    It’s too bad your weather isn’t looking great. Here in Pennsylvania (U.S.), We are getting temps in the fifties. I was out in my garden over the weekend planting all kinds of stuff under the plastic dome I have covering my raised beds.

    • It’s sunny today, if still a little chilly. You still need gloves first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Sounds like you had great fun over the weekend. I need to get into the greenhouse again this weekend, and check everything. I found a couple of packets of seeds I’d not planted yet.

  3. ummSuhayb says:

    well it’s still not getting above zero here in Sweden, can hardly believe it’ll ever be warm enough to plant anyhting out there!
    Any more tips for recycling stuff for gardening purposes most welcome, I’m collecting my loo roll/ kitchen paper roll tubes to use as small pots for seedlings.

    • I hope that it has warmed up for you a bit now. As for the recycling, if you know any elderly people who have meals delivered to their house, then ask if you can have the container, they make great seed trays. Make sure you put a few drainage holes in first.

  4. claireb says:

    hi claire i used to follow sean james cameron on u tube but cant find him any more i tried tewsbury allotment link with no luck i think i remember him changing his web address to follow him do u know what it is

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