Thursday 3rd March 2011

Just made a little film about something very exciting happening this Sunday (6th March). I’m not going to tell you any more you’ll have to wait for Mark to edit the film, which hopefully he’ll be able to do very soon.

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5 Responses to Thursday 3rd March 2011

  1. Cool, looking forward to it.

  2. Crystal says:

    Does Mark call it “nagging” or “encouraging”? Remember, Mark, we are waiting with “baited breath” 🙂 what fun!

  3. claireb says:

    thanks claire love watching your vids got my first greenhouse last year so this is my second year of growin had a great success with tomatoes cucumbers lettuce chillies last year got a few peppers and potatoes i started last april with a plastic walk in green house watched ur vids then i was hooked soon wanted a proper greenhouse and got a 6×6 polycarbonate one which is very good its a palram one looks nice in my garden too as its a green one thanks for replying to my posts and sean james cameron personally emailed me so thank u i am at work sat nite i work through the nite so will be in bed when his show is on on sun but have sky + it ready to record lookin forward to some more of your videos would like to see all your veg in bloom such as tomato plants and cucumber plants when ready for picking thanks a lot your vids help me a lotx

    • Hi there,
      I’m glad you had a great season last year, hope this season is even better. Your greenhouse sound fab. You can grow so much more in a greenhouse, and have more success in germinating your seeds. I hope you’re enjoying the show. I have to record it on Sky + as I’m bellringing on the Sunday morning when it’s on. Then at lunch time we sit down as a family and watch it. I couldn’t work nights, I’m usually asleep by 9.30pm any way. But then I’m awake at just before 7am, and digging really exhausts me, must be the fresh air.
      All the best,

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